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Design and Technology

Design Technology

At St Albert’s Primary School, Design Technology is taught through the ‘Lancs’ Scheme, which is a cross curricular approach to learning. The three DT skills of Generating Ideas, Making and Evaluating run through topics and are developed progressively each year. DT is viewed as a practical subject and all topics have a product outcome that is practical and relevant. As per the National Curriculum pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.

  • EYFS – through Expressive Arts and Design


  • Year 1 –Fire, Fire (Mechanisms), The Great Outdoors (Structures), Growth and Green Fingers (Food and Nutrition)
  • Year 2 –Fighting Fit (Food and Nutrition), Explorers (Structures), Wind in the Willow (Textiles)
  • Year3 –Healthy Humans (Food and Nutrition), How Does your Garden Grow (structures), What the Romans did (Mechanical Systems)
  • Year 4-Sparks Might Fly (Electric Circuits), Passport to Europe (Textiles), Hunted (Food and Nutrition)
  • Year 5 –Food Glorious Food (Food and Nutrition), Inventors and Inventions (Mechanical Systems), Amazon Adventure (Textiles)
  • Year 6 – War and Conflict in Britain (Textiles),Heroes and Villains (Food), Our changing world: Coasts and Rivers (Mechanical Structures and Electrics)


The following 5 technical strands are focused upon and built upon as they are revisited throughout the key stages

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Construction and structures
  • Textiles
  • Mechanisms
  • Electrical Systems

Increasing outdoor and residential visits are used to support DT such as the Year 5 trip to PGL where children design and make a raft. We also take advantage of our outdoor Forest school where we build dens and make various structures.

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