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Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is …
Walking together with Jesus to Love, Learn and Serve

‘The school’s mission to ‘love, learn, serve’ pervades everything in the school ‘with the child at the centre’
Challenge Partners – 2021

Our mission is underpinned by Christian values…our St Albert’s values.

To Love …

  • By ensuring that the love of Jesus’ and each individual CHILD, is at the heart of all we do
  • By making sure that Jesus’ love and compassion becomes a reality for all
  • Through the ability to listen, hear and share the message of God
  • Through the belief in the value and dignity of every individual and the right of every child to be cherished and respected
  • Through the promotion of the Catholic Faith and Gospel Values

To Learn …..

  • Through an enriching whole school experience that reflects the person of Christ and the message the church has received from him
  • Through the use of the Come and See RE programme
  • Through the provision of a creative, inspiring, challenging and memorable curriculum which provides the children with opportunities where doors are opened to dreams.
  • Through the development and nurture of the child as a whole
  • By ensuring that expectations and standards are high so that every child is a successful, confident, life-long learner who reaches their full potential

To Serve ……

  • Through actively seeking to support, work with and involve all within the school, local, parish and global community
  • By developing excellent relationships, partnerships and links
  • Through the ability to listen and hear
  • Through the promotion of mutual respect, acceptance, love and forgiveness
  • Through the promotion of equality, showing love and compassion to all

‘Leaders, governors and staff set high expectations for themselves and for pupils at the school.

They are determined that all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), will achieve to the best of their abilities. Leaders try their best to open the door to pupils’ dreams and aspirations. Pupils value this and do their best to rise to this challenge.

Ofsted – November 2021

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