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School Rules

At St Albert’s we believe that the development of self esteem is at the heart of the process of achieving good behaviour and discipline. We believe that in order to achieve this people should be treated with respect at all times. At St Albert’s our children are therefore taught that they have rights:

We have the right to feel safe and secure.
We have the right to feel happy and fulfilled.
We have the right to work hard and achieve our goals.
We have the right to expect excellence.
We must not accept unfairness, bullying, racism, sexism or disrespect for people or property.
We have the right to equality and fairness.

In order to achieve the above, St Albert’s Golden Values are applied throughout the school providing a consistent approach. The values are as follows

S  pread happiness with a smile

T  ake care of each other and our  property

A  lways try our best

L  ove one another like Jesus said

B  e well mannered at all times

E  very Child matters

R  espect children and adults

T  ell the truth always

S  peak calmly and kindly


It is the Headteachers’ responsibility to promote a high standard of behaviour which is regarded as acceptable throughout the school.

A policy on school discipline and behaviour is issued to parents and is available via the school office and website. Clear guidance on how we deal with misbehaviour is outlined.

Any minor behaviour problems will normally be dealt with by the class teacher and headteacher. A system of yellow and red cards is used effectively, details of which are outlined in the Behaviour Policy. There are a series of sanctions and intervenetions that are put in place to support children who are having difficulties with behaviour. When a child’s behaviour gives cause for concern, it is normal practice that parents are contacted in order that a satisfactory agreement may be reached. Parents are asked to work in partnership with and the results are normally successful.

Anti-Bullying and Anti-Racism

The school is committed to Anti-Bullying and Anti-Rracism. We have policies and guidelines which we adhere strongly to and  we are pro-active in our approach. Children are taught the importance of respecting others.

St Albert’s mission statement,

Walking together with Jesus to Love, Learn and Serve

is at the heart of all we do.

Rewarding Achievements

Rewards are an integral part of school life. They are used throughout the school day and are used to develop self-esteem, confidence, hard work and achievement whilst acknowledging and promoting good behaviour. In our school children are encouraged and praised for

Good behaviour
Good work
Effort and attitude to work
Good manners
Caring Attitudes

There are a host of ways in which e praise and reward, both in an out of the class, which include:

Student of the Week Certificates
Golden Time
Merit Badges
Headteacher Awards
End of Year Trophies

At the end of each week we hold an Awards assembly. Parents are invited along and the school celebrates the achievements and efforts of the children.

At the end of each term we come together as a whole family, parents, staff, governors and children to celebrate and reward the efforts and achievements of our pupils covering all aspects of school life.  Merit book prizes, attendance medals and certificates, sporting and progress awards are presented at these special assemblies.

The school also enjoys an excellent reputation for music.  The school choir represents the school at local community concerts and at special events.

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