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Zoo Conservation Project 2020

Ignite Conservation  Project and link with Chester Zoo

This year St Albert’s have been involved in an Ignite Zoo Project which will culminate in an exciting whole school conservation topic in the Summer term. We have chosen to participate in this project as it fits with our desire to develop a humanity rich curriculum.

The conservation project which we have identified is ‘The Illegal Wildlife Trade’ and it is our aim to teach our children about ‘the power of their voice’ and the influence they can have over our future.  We are hoping to give the children the desire to be the ‘voice of the voiceless’ through campaigning against the illegal wild life trade.

Staff have been trained in all areas of the curriculum as the topic will immerse the children in the theme and spread over all areas of the curriculum. It is our intention that the projects has the biggest impact possible.  To aid this, we have reviewed and adjusted topics and where they fit into our current curriculum.

The children will visit Chester Zoo and they will also have school visits to school from Chester Zoo rangers.  The project will culminate in a high energy, public celebration with the parents and the local community, as we strive to get the message to as many people as possible.  The children will have a real audience and a very worthwhile cause to promote.




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