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Sacramental Preparation

Children in Year 4 are prepared for the Sacraments following the Archdiocese of Liverpool “With You Always” programme. This family catechesis is led by the Parish and provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to work closely with their children, supported by Parish volunteers, and staff from school.  For more information, please visit the programme website at

Through Come and See, clear links are made to the Sacramental preparation, and at celebrations throughout the year, School and Parish come together to support the children and their families.



Sacrament of RECONCILIATION (First Confession) will be celebrated with the children and their families on Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 1.30pm (St Albert’s Church). This is a joint service and will be celebrated alongside the pupils and families of St Albert’s School.


*Sacrament of the EUCHARIST (First Holy Communion) will be celebrated with the children and their families on Saturday 13th May 2023 at 10am (St Albert’s Church


June Letter to Parents

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