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How will the children be assessed?

When your child starts nursery, we want to help them to make progress towards the Early Learning Goals. Most children are expected to reach these ELG’s by the end of the Foundation Stage. They will be assessed in the six of areas of learning (Personal and Social Development: 

Communication, Language and Literacy: Problem solving, reasoning and number: Knowledge and Understanding: Physical Development: Creative Development)

The Foundation Stage profile shows stepping stones that progress children towards the ELG’s.

Children are assessed and monitored through play and observations are recorded in their personal ‘learning journey’ book. Observations include ‘learning stories’, photographs, notes and children’s own work. We also have a ‘home/school’ book in which we welcome contributions from family to record the children’s achievements at home. Working in partnership with parents helps us to make valuable assessments of the progress of each child.

Appropriate activities can be then be planned for individuals, or groups of children to develop their learning.

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