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What does a session at nursery look like?

The children will arrive for either a morning or afternoon session and will be admitted via the nursery entrance. They will be greeted by a member of staff and can hang their coats up in the cloakroom on their own peg. Children are encouraged to find their name card from the table for self- registration. This will help children to recognise their own name.

Nursery children are assigned a ‘Key worker’ and parents will be made aware of who the key worker is for their child. We welcome parents into nursery when dropping children off, and this will be an opportunity to speak to either the key worker or class teacher about any issues, worries or information which may need sharing with us.

However, please be aware that as part of our Safeguarding procedures, one member of staff will be assigned to supervising the door at the start and end of each session and may not be available to speak to. If anyone other than the usual adult is collecting your child from nursery, please ensure you inform staff. At St Albert’s we do not allow anyone under the age of 14 to collect children from school. 

The children can choose from the very wide range of activities on offer and will have access to both the indoor and outdoor environment throughout the session. We operate a system of continuous snack, therefore children may choose when they wish to eat. The emphasis is on developing independence and self -help skills.

What Else Happens?

Children are encouraged to access all areas of learning and there are opportunities for the development of physical skills, for mark making and writing, number activities, creative activities, to use computers, for construction and building, imaginative play, quiet reading and listening to stories. These activities take place both indoors and outdoors.

The children are well supervised with a full time teacher and two highly experienced classroom assistants.

The early years curriculum has at its heart the emphasis on learning through play, with opportunity for uninterrupted periods where children can sustain their interest and develop their ideas.

Teaching and learning takes place through well planned activities which stem directly from the children’s own interests. In this way the children will be engaged in their learning and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Themes are developed using the children’s own ideas.

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