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Assertive Mentoring Files


Assertive Mentoring and ‘Smileys’

This half-term, we have adopted a whole school, consistent approach for rewarding and encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of ‘smiley face’ stamps.  Smiley faces may be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and may include :-

·           Particularly good work/effort.
·           Displaying good manners.
·           Displaying a caring attitude towards others.
·           Staying on task etc.

Once awarded a Smiley can never be deducted

Each child aims to collect as many smileys as they can. Once they have 100, they will achieve a Bronze Award. A total of 200 smileys awards the child with a Silver Award and 300 smileys equals a Gold Award. With the prestige and pride of winning an award also comes a letter of commendation from Mrs McEvoy which will be sent home to parents and   carers. We welcome your support in encouraging your child to succeed in the smiley system!


Mentoring files and one-to-one meetings

Each child now has a very important Assertive Mentoring file which will stay with them throughout their time at St Albert’s. In the mentoring file is stored all the information the staff, children and yourselves need to be aware of in relation to academic achievement, attitude and behaviour.

Mentoring files are the focus of one-to-one meetings. Each child from Y2-Y6 has already taken part in their individual mentoring meeting with their class teacher.

During the mentoring meeting, your child has had the opportunity to meet individually with their class teacher to talk about their academic successes, their areas to develop and then target setting for the term ahead. During parent meetings today, class teachers will discuss the outcomes of these meetings with you.

Since we are only at the beginning of Assertive Mentoring at St Albert’s, we really do appreciate your support and feedback. Please do not hesitate to  contact us with your comments as they will be gratefully received.


Assertive Mentoring and Assessment

We are well underway with using the    Assertive Mentoring tools to help how we assess pupils at St Albert’s. This has built upon the already successful assessment techniques in place. The collaborative    approach of Assertive Mentoring puts the child at the centre, allowing them to take control of their learning, creating their own targets (with the support of their class teacher). This approach means that assessment and target setting is a more useful activity, ultimately making the process more useful for pupils,   teachers and parents.

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