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Governor Information

A Tambourini

A Tambourini Gunning – Foundation – Chair

Appointed 1 Sept 2023 – 31 Aug 2027

Committees: Standards; Staffing; Complaints.

Lead Governor for Safeguarding & EYFS.

Allocated Class: Nursery

I am currently Headteacher at St Leo’s and Southmead School in Whiston and have worked in Knowsley schools for nearly twenty years.  My first teaching post was at St Albert’s and I was at the school for over 13 years, needless to say the school holds a very special place in my heart!  I am also a Family Catechist for the Parish of St Albert the Great, my main role being to support the children of the parish in their preparation for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Being a Governor at St Albert’s is an absolute pleasure as it enables me to maintain links with a community who have had such a positive impact on my own experiences!

L McEvoy

L McEvoy – Headteacher

Start Date June 2011

Committees:  Standards; Resources; Admissions; Staffing; Complaints.

I have worked at St Albert’s for 8 years as the Headteacher. Prior to this I was a deputy headteacher in another Knowsley school for 4 years and a class teacher for 14 years.  I have a B.Ed in Education and I have also completed me NPQH. 

As Headteacher I am responsible for whole school improvement, the day to day running of the school  and the performance of all staff.  I thoroughly enjoy being the Headteacher of St Albert’s and I am committed to ensuring that our children and families receive the best outcomes in all areas.  

My vision as a Headteacher is centred around the CHILD.

C – CHILD at the centre of all we do

H-High expectations
I- Inspiration and memorable experiences and curriculum
L- Listening
D- Dreams and doors

I am married with 3 children.  I am also mum to Albie, our school dog (for my sins).

J Dalton

J Dalton – Foundation Vice Chair

Appointed 1 Sept 2023 – 31 Aug 2027

Committees:  Resources; Staffing.

Lead Governor for Pupil Premium.

Allocated Class: Year 1

I have been a foundation Governor at St Albert’s for the past four years, but many years ago I was Clerk to governors also at St Albert’s and have seen many changes over the years.  Greater emphasis is now upon Governors to challenge  and support the school and also upon the staff to conform to the standard required by the Education Authority.  The children now enjoy a much more intense and varied curriculum and greater demands upon the staff.

I am a Eucharistic Minister at St Albert’s and also a Catechist helping the children preparing for Holy Communion. I enjoy the interaction with both the children and the staff at St Albert’s and am impressed by the dedication of the staff and Headteacher and the various opportunities afforded to the children. I am proud to be a governor of this school.

M Marsden

M Marsden – Foundation

Appointed 1 Dec 2020 – 30 Nov 2024

Committees:  Standards; Staffing; Complaints.

Lead Governor for Maths.

Allocated Class: Year 5.

I joined the Governing board of St. Albert’s in 2017 as a foundation Governor. I am a regular worshipper at St Albert’s Church and a local resident of Stockbridge Village / Cantril Farm.  I believe schools should have high expectations of all who work and learn in them and as a school governor I provide both challenge and support to the headteacher and staff as they work to achieve the best outcomes for the pupils of St Albert’s. Decisions that the governing board make must centre around the best interest of the child

R Tyler

R Tyler – Foundation

Appointed 1 Sept 2023 – 30 Aug 2027

Committees: Admissions, Attendance, RE

Allocated Class:  Year 4.

Rachael Tyler is one of the foundation governors appointed to the Full Governing Body by Liverpool Archdiocese. She has worked as a teacher at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School, Knowsley, for 23 years – beginning her career there in 1996 as a newly qualified teacher. She graduated from London University, Goldsmiths College, with a 2-1 BA honours degree in Education (with PE as her specialist subject). Rachael is an experienced Headteacher and has had the privilege of working with the pupils and staff at St Albert’s for a number of years as a governor and Headteacher of St Albert’s partner school, St Brigid’s. Rachael is also a member of the St Albert’s Parish Community and serves as a Eucharist Minister. She regularly drives the bus for 10am mass so that the elderly parishioners are able to attend.

Ellen McEvoy

E McEvoy – Foundation

Appointed 18 Mar 2021 – 17 Mar 2025

Committees: Resources

Allocated Class:  Year 2

I have lived on Stockbridge Village for over 50 years.  I have 4 grown up children who all attended St. Albert’s Primary School.  I am a regular worshipper at St. Albert’s Church and feel passionate about our local community.  After bringing up my own children and supporting the raising of my 5 grandchildren, I know the importance of education.  I regard school as a place where children can develop key life skills, it is a place where they can find out who they are or who they want to be. I look forward to being part of the Governing board.

Lisa Usher

E Usher – Foundation

Appointed 1 Sept 2023 – 30 Aug 2027

Committees:  Resources; Staffing. 

Lead Governor for Literacy

Allocated class:  Reception.

I am married and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I have lived on Stockbridge Village all my life and attended St Brigid’s Primary School as a child, as have all my children.  I work at St Brigid’s as a Teaching Assistant and have done for 20 years. I am a family Catechist for St Albert’s Parish helping the children to prepare for the Sacraments and help in Little Church on Sunday’s. I am passionate about our community and have been a volunteer for the Stockbridge Village Junior Rangers for many years.   Recently my husband and I have become approved Foster Carers for Knowsley as we really want to make a difference to children in our area. The children in our area and their future is very important to me as is my role as a Governor for St Alberts.  



Fr D Gamble – Foundation

Appointed 1 Nov 2022 – 3 1 Oct 2026

Committees:  Resources.

Lead Governor for Health and Safety

Allocated class:  Year 4

Fr David Gamble is the priest at St Albert The Great RC Church.  

Parent Governor – Jodie Gregory

Appointed 1 January 2024


C Hansen – Parent

Appointed 4 Jan 2023 – 3 Jan 2027

Committees: Standards



R Riddick

R Riddick – Staff

Appointed 1 Sept 2023 – 31 Aug 2027

Committees: Standards

LA Governor – Vacancy


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