Our walk through the woods!

Our walk through the woods! It was a very exciting day today as we went on our first walk through the woods! We saw lots of beautiful autumn leaves and we watched them fall from the trees. Some of the leaves were green, yellow, orange and red! We then enjoyed kicking and standing on the crunchy brown leaves on the pavement. We walked to see the River Alt. We thought about what could live in the River Alt, we thought crocodiles, sharks, snakes at first! Then we looked very closely and we could see little fish and a bird having a bath! We talked about the litter in the river and how important it is to put rubbish in the bin. We walked to the pumping station and talked about how the pumps clean the water. We could hear the water flowing through the pumps! We then walked back towards our nursery and talked about the houses surrounding our school and where we live. We then enjoyed hot chocolates and pancakes to warm us up back at nursery. Thank you for being so sensible on our walk nursery, you are always so well behaved, we have had a lovely day and we are already planning our next trip to the woods!

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