Easter Holidays

Our parents and children have been doing an amazing job of staying positive, staying safe and at home and completing the remote learning that teachers have set.  The teachers are really pleased with the interaction via Dojo, Tapestry or SeeSaw.  Over the Easter holidays, however, we think that it is really important that you all have to rest, down time, family time and fun.  We will, therefore,  not be posting any work for the Easter period. We will continue to post work for those who would like some structure etc after the Easter Holidays.

Please continue to keep safe and enjoy the Easter holidays in whatever form they may take.

Mrs McEvoy

Easter Reflection

A poem by John O’Donohue called “This Is The Time To Be Slow”. 

This is the time to be slow,

Lie low to the wall 

Until the bitter weather passes. 

Try, as best you can, not to let

The wire brush of doubt

Scrape from your heart

All sense of yourself

And your hesitant light.

If you remain generous,

Time will come good;

And you will find your feet

Again on fresh pastures of promise,

Where the air will be kind

And blushed with beginning. 


Contacting School

School is closed to all but a small group of key worker children. staff are making regular weekly contact with all parents and this will continue.  Please note that due to staff shortages that the telephone is not being manned. If you need to make contact with school please do so via the school email and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Apologies everybody, it was not made clear that the Chester Zoo virtual tour is through Facebook, not the website as I was led to believe. If you have Facebook, it is on the Chester Zoo Facebook page. I’m so sorry for the mix up and possible disappointment. I think they are having some difficulties at the moment with the live stream, hopefully this will be sorted soon. 


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Today from 10am, you can access a virtual tour of Chester Zoo on line.

Put chesterzoo.org into Google/your search engine and it will come up on the page you need. Don’t worry if you are a little late to join the tour, it’s going on all day!

I will follow this post with a schedule to show you what times you can see particular animals.

Enjoy! Miss Barker x 

Chester Zoo Virtual Tour Running Times:

10am – Red pandas

11:00am – Rothschild’s giraffes

12:00 – Asian elephants

1pm – Butterflies

2pm – Sun bears

2:30pm – Sumatran tigers

2:45pm – Humboldt penguins

4pm – Aquarium


Dear Parents

Don’t stress about gas/electricity –Advice from Learning Mentors

We know that a lot of Stockbridge Village residents are on pre-paid meters for gas and electricity.   Phone them if you have a pre-pay meter and tell them that you are self-isolating. They will send you out 2 weeks worth of gas/electricity or, if you have a smart meter, they will top you up.

British Gas 0333 2020 9802

EDF 0333 200 5100

N Power 0800 073 3000

Scottish Power 0800 027 0072

SSE 0345 026 2658

Please pass on to those who may need it.


Provision will be in place for a limited number of children of key workers. Those with a place have already been notified.  Do not come into school unless you have received notification from the headteacher.  Please see the the key workers letter and the acceptance letter on the parents/updates section of the website. Please remember advice is stay at home unless ABSOLUTELY necessary,


Dear Parents, As we close today please do not put too much pressure on yourselves.  The most important thing is that the children have a positive experience whilst at home and this can be done in lots of simple ways.   We will miss the children enormously and will telephone all families for weekly check ups.  Keep safe , Mrs McEvoy.

As of 20th March 2020

School will be closed as of Friday 20th March 2020 for all except a small group of key workers.  ADVICE is that children should remain at home if at all possible. Please heed this advice. 

Children eligible for school will be contacted shortly.

Please keep your children and families safe and continue to look at school Updates and continue with Remote Learning via the website.

God bless you all and the staff are sending you and your families lots of love x

As of 19th March 2020 

Please see letter in the Parents Tab under updates on the website for detail relating to school closure.

Details regarding key workers and identified children will be available tomorrow once this has been confirmed by the Government.

School is OPEN tomorrow FRIDAY but will CLOSE at 3.15pm until further notice to all except the most vulnerable and children of key workers. We are working  on how this will look for our school tomorrow and further details will follow.
It is important to continue to self- isolate as necessary and follow guidance.

Latest news is that children with CHRONIC asthma are now considered vulnerable and precautions should be taken.

Please note that – Local Food Banks are keen to make parents aware that families will still be able to access food without the paper vouchers.  Please find a link to the local food banks and opening times below.


Please note as of 16.03.20, Public Health advice is that if a child is symptomatic they should be absent from school for 14 days. Equally if they have a family member ill they should also self-isolate for 14 days

We are following advice from Public Health England @PHE_uk, and @knowsleyCouncil in relation to the COVID 19 outbreak.

We will continue to update our website, twitter account and send out messages via text as and when we receive further information.‬

Click link below for latest government updates.


Welcome to St. Albert’s Catholic Primary School

Whether you are a pupil at St Albert’s, a parent, grandparent, carer, friend or prospective parent/pupil, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website.

We would like to share our school and our hopes and dreams with you, whilst providing you with useful information about our school. St Albert’s is a very special school and we are proud of its past, its present and its future.

Our Mission Statement is

Walking together with Jesus to Love, Learn and Serve

Our vision is:

That every child will embrace life and learning and develop as successful and confident children today and tomorrow.

St Albert’s is ……

A place where the child is at the centre of all we do
A place where expectations and standards are high
A place where children’s learning experiences are inspiring and memorable
A place where everyone listens
And a place where doors are opened to dreams.


Our attendance target is 96%
Green 96% or above 

Amber 90% – 95.9%

Red 90% or below

Green: #008000
Amber: #ffbf00
Red: #ff0000

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