Term Dates


Autumn Term 2018 Wednesday 4th September Thursday 24th October
  Monday 4th November Friday 20th December
Occasional Holiday   Friday 6th December
Spring Term 2019 Monday 6th January Thursday 13th February
  Monday 24th February Friday 3rd April
Parent/Carer & Teacher
Day To be confirmed
Summer Term 2019 Wednesday 15th April Friday 22nd May
  Monday 8th June Wednesday 22nd July
Occasional Holidays   Friday 8th May

These dates are subject to change

Teachers’ In-service Days
Teachers are contracted to work an additional 5 days, in each academic year, at times when children are not in school. These days are for in-service training and have been arranged for the following dates:-
Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Friday 25th October 2019
Friday 14th February 2020
Tuesday 26th May 2020

2 x Twilights
Year 6 End of Key Stage Exams
These will take place during the week of: To be confirmed
Any child absent during this week will miss these very important exams and will not be allowed to take them at a future date.
Please make sure for the sake of your child’s education that all family holidays are taken during the official holiday dates.


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