Updated Sports Premium Impact Report April 2016

PE and School Sport Funding

In order to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the 2012 0lympics and Paralympics, the Government have invested highly into school PE. Each school has received approximately £8,500, for the last two academic years to support the development of PE.  Once again, for 2015/16, this funding will be available to schools.


At St Albert’s we believe that sport plays an important part in a child’s life, as it contributes to the health and well being of our children.  Sporting excellence and participation, alongside opportunities, go hand in hand with academic standards.  We have, therefore, further subsidised the sports funding so that the Sport’s Premium Funding enables us to introduce various new initiatives.


The majority of the funding at St Albert’s has been dedicated to teacher training (CPD). This has enabled us to ensure that there is an element of sustainability to our approach. We have employed various PE specialist to work alongside teachers, in a team teach approach, for one day a week over the past few years.  Therefore, when the funding stops, we will still have highly competent teachers who are able to teach good and outstanding PE to the pupils in St Albert’s.


One of our main priorities this year will be to provide the children with different PE experiences and opportunities, either within the curriculum or outside. It is important that our children participate and enjoy regular Physical Education if they are to develop into fit and healthy adults.


We have increased our sporting partnerships, after school activities and our involvement in Sporting Competitions.

Premium Funding 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

CPD Expert Coaching  via:


Total Gymnastics

Year R-6 £5000 £5,000
£5,000 £3,500 £3,500 £3,000
Other CPD activities All teaching staff £1000 £1,000 £1000 £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Various after school clubs i.e Dance, Gymnastics, Football, Multi sports Year 1-Y6 £1000



£1000 £1,500 £3,000 £1,500
Membership of the LA School Sports Partnership £ 900 £900 £900 £950 £950 £1,000
Sports’ Apprentice £5,000 contribution
Resources £600 £1,000
Lunchtime Club KS2 £2,605 £5,000 £5,000
Balance £3,950 £17,590
School Funding
Lunchtime Club KS2 £1,595
Swimming Y3-6 £2,040 £2,040
Sports Coach YR-6 £5,000
Resources YN-Y6
Dance £1,000


PE Games Mark

We are delighted to be one of the few schools in Knowsley to be awarded the SILVER games mark. This was announced in July 2014 and is testament to all the opportunities on offer via the PE school curriculum, the extended curriculum and the number of competitions entered. Our partnerships with various organisations have also played a big role.   We will now go forward in pursuit of Gold.   School games silver award

PE Curriculum

A wide range of activities are delivered in school via the PE curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that all children receive at least 2 hours of high quality, well planned PE per week.  We have a specialist PE Coach (Mr Unwin) and our PE apprentice (Mr Wood) who supports us two afternoons per week and this year we have seen an increase in the curriculum support that we are offered by local secondary schools in the form of Specialist Teachers. Indeed, PE takes place every afternoon.

Throughout the year each child will participate in games, gymnastics, athletics, and golf dance lessons.

Children in Years 3-6 have a series swimming lessons every year and this takes place at the local swimming centre.  Our aim is that all children leave our school at the end of Year 6 able to swim 25 metres.  In the summer term 2019 it was assessed that out of 25 pupils, 18 can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 meters and can perform a safe self-rescue.  14 can use  a range of strokes effectively.

Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 also have opportunities for many outdoor and adventure activities.

Beyond the School Day –Extra Curricular

We have a wide variety of sporting activities which take place as after school activities.   These are organised by our teaching, support or coaching staff.  We will also bring in outside providers as necessary.

We try to cater for all our children’s needs and  ask the children which clubs they would like to see included during the year(student council); we also monitor participation and check uptake against gender and free school meals.

We enter competitions and encourage children to participate in team sport.

Extended School timetable as of September  2018

Monday Games
Tuesday Football



Thursday Gymnastics




The Wider Curriculum

PE and sport has a high profile in our school and permeates many aspects of school life.  Throughout the year we hold theme weeks such as Health and Well Being Week where children participate in a wide range of activities and have a taster session of a sport or activity that otherwise they may never have tried such as fencing.

During our residential visits, children are given the opportunity to participate in many different activities which may include orienteering, assault courses, canoeing and abseiling.

In the summer term, we hold our annual Sports Days in which we encourage participation of all children and organise competitive races (although these are done sensitively and in ability related groups). We also participate various in Sports’ Day with others local schools.

We involve ourselves in local sporting events and partnerships such as the Stockbridge Olympics and Everton Football tournaments and take full advantage of any opportunities that arise.

What happened in 2017/ 2018


Assault Course


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